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Series 7 Second Half

February 8, 2013

Just a bit of news which people should already know:


Doctor Who returns for the second half of series 7 on Easter.  There are going to be 8 episodes in the second half of the series.


Series 7 Episode 2: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

February 8, 2013

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

This is an episode that I didn’t enjoy all that well, we saw more of the Rory and Amy dynamic develop, but overall this was kind of cluttered with extra characters, and absurd situation, and only an okay storyline.  Dinosaurs on a spaceship seems like a great idea but it ends up being a very cheesy episode with some good lines from a couple of robots and lots of other weird things.

The doctor swoops in and grabs several people, Queen Nefertiti, John Riddell, Rory, Amy, and accidentally Rory’s dad.  Which creates a lot of confusion and a lot of characters and just a lot going on.  A Sillurian ship coming back to earth with dinosaurs on it, a bounty hunter who is willing to sell everything, India threatening to shoot the ship out of the sky, plus all the other characters.  It seems like a hodge-podge of ideas were thrown together and someone thought it sounded good.  It ends up being convoluted, and the only really lasting thing that comes from it, is that you get Brian Williams, Rory’s dad, introduced to the wonderful world of time travel and the TARDIS.  And Brian does play a factor in the show in future episodes, but that is about it that you get from it.

This is one of those episodes that is more comedic with two robots being voiced by David Mitchell and Robert Webb, two British comedians, it all comes off as a bit hokey.  The robots themselves aren’t the problem, they are actually fairly funny characters, but the villain is weak and all the characters make it cluttered.

If I were to come up with a second thing that this episode does, it shows the Doctor going a little bit more cold.  By that I mean he kills off the bad guy without a second thought, this is almost back to Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor where he is just coming off a major battle, and while there was a battle to end the last season, there wasn’t a major one.  So he is moving to be more cold, and that is a storyline that we do see play out a little bit (actually this ties back to the battle in the middle of last season, forgot).  He has moved to be more cold, and we see that this episode, and this move started when he learned that Doctor didn’t mean healer but instead meant warrior on some planets.  Even with me remembering this, it is kind of a miss of an episode.



Series 7 Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks

February 8, 2013

Asylum of the Daleks

First off, this is quite delayed from when the episode actually came out, but I figured it was time to start writing about the episodes in series 7.

It is interesting as this episode has a near JJ Abrams type of feel to it at points.  What I mean by that is that he does a reset with the Daleks, spoilers will exist in this review, because they forget who the Doctor is, yes the Doctor maintains his history with the Daleks, but for them, their eventual hatred of the Doctor is going to start anew.  This is similar to what JJ Abrams did in rebooting Star Trek, where on character remembers the alternate timeline well two and one dies, but the others it is completely brand new in their timeline.

I also like the twist of adding in the future companion in Clara Oswin Oswald.  The fact that she randomly appears like that (or not so randomly knowing Doctor Who) is great.  Her character is actually really entertaining as well, it wasn’t like when they pre-introduced Donna and her character was extremely annoying, and then became more likable when she eventually became the companion.  Oswin actually has some depth and opened up a number of questions as to who she was compared to the companion the Doctor is going to travel with, which we still assume he’s going to do at some point in time, because she pops up in the Christmas special.

There was also the Rory and Amy subplot, which was really the plot of the whole first half of the season.  Besides the teaser of Oswin there wasn’t much storyline that ran through everything besides the Rory and Amy subplot.  They start looking into the costs of traveling with the Doctor for a while, which is something that is interesting.  In the new Doctor Who (2005 on) they haven’t killed off a companion, all of them have continued to live somewhere else and do something else with their life, whether they remember the Doctor or not (in the case of Donna).  But before Rory and Amy they don’t generally talk about what it’s like beyond the Doctor, once they’ve moved on and how they can move on.  With Rory and Amy they get torn between two worlds, this desire to travel but the Doctor has decided that they need a normal life as well, in some ways if he just constantly took them traveling with him, which they would seem fairly fine doing, there would be less stress on them, but it would be harder on the Doctor, so he’s left them on Earth without him.  Now, they probably could delve into that too, why did the Doctor do that, because he cares about them and doesn’t want them to die on some mad adventure or because it is difficult watching them grow old because he cares about them?

Anyways, this is a really well put together episode and one of my favorite from the first half of series seven, and there are some that aren’t so great.

Grade: 9/10

Dinosaurs… in space.

September 4, 2012


For the upcoming episode, here are some pictures.

Series 7: Oswin/Clara/Companion

September 4, 2012

Full breakdown will come later, but just though I should post this up.  I noticed right away when we met Oswin that she looked familiar, and I thought I knew where, but I had to confirm it by looking her up on line.  The Actress who plays Oswin is the same one who is taking over as the companion at the Christmas special.

What does this mean then?

Is Clara some distant relative, great great grandmother or something of Oswin, as Clara (new companion in case it got confusing) is allegedly from Victorian times, at least what it when the Christmas special is set.  Or does the Doctor pick her up just before that and take her to that time period, so it is a closer relative of Oswin.  Or is there no connection bloodwise between the two of them, so it is just a random coincidence, and how much does the doctor know about Oswin?  Remember that she is in Dalek form, so while he has heard her voice, he doesn’t know what she looks like.  Could he identify something off of the voice?  Could it be another daughter situation, The Doctor finds out Oswin had a kid on Earth (or some planet) and the Doctor feels bad so he finds her to travel with him.  Or is there a less obvious connection that’s going on, or is it just random and Steven Moffat is messing with my mind.

Do we have a date? Series 7 potential episode date!

July 9, 2012


Now, I know this is IMDB, so this is as likely speculation as actual hard date, I’ll try and confirm it somewhere, but they have August 25th as the day for the first episode of Series 7, if that is the case, that is a do able time to wait.

Fingers crossed.

New Doctor Who Pictures (Series 7)

February 21, 2012

Series 7 is underway, and we have some pictures from Cardiff on Amy and Rory on the set.

Rumor has it that Mark Williams might be playing Rory’s father?

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